Asian Cultural Festival | 亞洲文化節

Asian Cultural Festival - Celebrating Asian Heritage Month

Organized by the Asia Advisory Board of the Calgary Police Service, the inaugural Asian Cultural Festival will be held on May 25, Thursday, 2023 in the heart of Calgary Chinatown – the Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizens’ Association (111 Riverfront Avenue, S.W.) 

The event will kick off at 6:00 p.m. sharp inside the auditorium of the agency. 

There are on-street and surface lot parking surrounding the venue.


To celebrate Asian Heritage Month, the Asia Advisory Board puts together a series of colourful and cultural performances.

6:05 PM – Senior Choir by CCECA (Chinese)

6:10 PM – Saw Baan Tare by Thai Cultural Council of Calgary (Thai)

6:15 PM – Saxophone Solo by Stephen Leung (Hong Kong)

6:20 PM – Traditional Fan Dance (Korean)

6:25 PM – Taichi & Wushu by Mo Fan Taichi & Wushu Academy (Chinese)

6:30 PM – Traditional Dance by Zhaoli Dance School (Chinese)

6:40 PM – Fusion Flute by MuXi (Fusion Chinese / Western)

6:45 PM – Traditional Vietnamese Singing by Trish Huynh & John Huynh (Vietnamese)

6:50 PM – Chinese Dance Gesangra by CCECA (Chinese)

6:55 PM – Saxophone Solo (Korean)

7:00 PM – Zither Solo by Crystal Yeuk Huen Lee (Chinese)

7:05 PM – Alitaptap (Filipino)

7:10 PM – Koryu Iaido by Jonathan Hung (Japanese)

7:20 PM – Balinese Dance by Chandra Garland (Indonesian)

About the Asia Advisory Board

We are volunteers from Asian communities in Calgary who come together to advise the Calgary Police Service (CPS) about various matters, and work collaboratively with the police towards the collective goal of bettering service for Asian Calgarians.

The Asia Advisory Board is composed of community members with cultural knowledge, lived experience and relationships who assist CPS in improving their service to all Calgarians. The board performs an independent advisory function to the CPS membership about community needs and communicates progress back to the community. The board works with the CPS to ensure they are serving all members of the community equitably, and works to help change policing culture to value diversity through communitydriven solutions

Asia Advisory Board 2023 Board Members
Asia Advisory Board 2023 Board Members (from left: Brian W., Liza C., Anna K., Sherrisa C., Thomas C., not in picture: Aileen S., May H.)

Contact Us:

Diversity Resource Team – Asia Liasion Officer

Hate Crime Inquiries –

More information available at:

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