Calgary GlobalFest 2023 EuroTour | 卡加利環球煙花節

Experience the Beauty of Thailand at GlobalFest 2023 EuroTour!

GlobalFest 2023 is more than just firework displays. GlobalFest is a Calgary not-for-profit community development agency dedicated to celebrating, showcasing and promoting Calgary’s ethnocultural diversity and artistic excellence. 

To celebrate its 21st Anniversary in 2023, GlobalFest will showcase nearly 20 cultural pavilions, community activation spaces, and children’s programming that you won’t want to miss. For a captivating cultural journey, the Calgary Thai Council of Culture proudly participates in the GlobalFest 2023 EuroTour with the stunning backdrop of Ellison Park S.E

Immerse Yourself in Thai Splendor in GlobalFest 2023

GlobalFest takes place August 17, 19, 22, 24, and 26, 2023. At the heart of this tourism event, the Thai Cultural Council of Calgary presents a vibrant and enchanting TCCC pavilion. Step into a world where Thai fine arts and culture come alive. Discover a curated collection of Thai packaged foods and authentic ingredients, exquisite clothing that reflects its rich heritage, meticulously crafted handicrafts that tell stories, and an array of souvenirs that encapsulate the essence of Thailand.


Thai Council of Culture in Calgary (Source: Facebook)

Dazzling Performances and Delights

Prepare to be mesmerized as local Thai talents showcase the elegance and grace of Thai Classical Dances. These performances, adorned with intricate costumes and intricate choreography, will transport you to the heart of Thailand’s cultural tapestry. On Thursday, August 24, TCCC will perform in all 3 Performance Stages, and on Saturday, August 26 – the Finale, the group will perform once again on Main Performance Stage only. There will also be a young children’s group performing Thai Classical Dance!

Support the Thai Community on this Cultural Odyssey by Making A Donation

Mark your calendar as the starter. The Thai Cultural Council of Calgary invites you to engage, explore, and embrace the magic of culture at their pavilion. You play an integral role in preserving and promoting the beauty of Thai fine arts, culinary traditions, clothing, handicrafts, and more. Your contribution enables them to present our culture in all its glory and share it with the diverse audience that GlobalFest attracts. The group is selling tickets at $15 / ticket and a 20%-off for group sales of 10 tickets.

Let's Go GlobalFest 2023

Event: Calgary GlobalFest 2023 – EuroTour
Location📍: Elliston Park [ 7 Ave SE and 60 St S.E. ]
Date🗓️: August 17, 19, 22, 24, and 26, 2023

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