Calgary Nepali Mela Multicultural Showcase | 卡加利尼泊爾文化節薈萃

The organizer aims to bring unity, togetherness, and cultural learning to Calgary

A Taste of Nepal

With the slogan of “Our Culture, Our Identity, and Our Pride”, Calgary’s very own Nepalese community proudly held the inaugural Nepali Mela and Multicultural Showcasing Event at Prairie Winds Park.

Raj Neupane, spokesperson for the Nepali Mela, said the event aims to showcase and promote Nepalese culture, arts, and heritage and foster multiculturalism in Calgary.

“The main purpose of the event is to showcase our culture and heritage in the diverse and multicultural Canada. We wanted people not only to learn about our Nepalese culture but also allow us to learn theirs as well, and it is a coalition of different cultures.”

The Organizer Received Tremendous Support

Thousands visited the event on July 22, 2023 to enjoy a wide variety of vendors, food and performances on a sunny day.

“We received tremendous support from vendors of various communities, who extended their hands to help make this event happen. We also want to sincerely thank the Government of Alberta, Government of Canada, and the City of Calgary for their support,” added Raj.

The event indeed turned out very well.

Although there is no official tracking of the demographic from the current city census, Raj believes that there are roughly 12,000 residents of the Nepalese descent are living in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

Dive into the Nepalese Local Culture is Easy!

“Google us! Google Nepalese entrepreneurs, shops, restaurants, and our cuisine. You will find out the ‘Taste of Nepal’ in no time!”

Raj encourages Calgarians to learn more about the Nepalese culture to create a holistic cultural harmony.

The Nepalese representation in Calgary is relatively new. The organizer, Nepalese Community Society of Calgary (NCSC), aims to establish their identity to bring unity, togetherness, and cultural learning to Calgary, Alberta, and even Canada.

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  1. Good to see different cultures organized all these activities make this city vibrant. And most importantly the coverage by Big Media like Let’s go! Calgary

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