Alberta Larch Season

The Golden Transformation in and around Calgary | 卡城金秋賞葉

Embracing the Fall Aesthetic in Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Hike Through the Golden Larch Forest

The best time of the year to see the fall leaves and colors is just around the corner. The Canadian Rockies is home to the Western Larch. Unlike evergreen pines, larch needles turn golden and then drop off the branches before the winter. A 1-2 hours hike in late September and early October in Larch Valley starting from Moraine Lake is the most popular hiking trail which offers the best opportunity to witness the stunning views of the golden larches. Saddleback Pass through the Sheol Valley is another fantastic trail pick for hiking lovers to see the larches in its golden glory.

Take a Walk on Crisp Fallen Leaves

If you’re looking for a shorter, less intensive itinerary, the inner-city Fish Creek Provincial Park is always an undoubtedly place to embrace the autumn vibes during your morning run, walking the dog or going on a romantic evening bike ride. With the Bow River flowing beside you, beautiful Aspen encompassing you, yellow leaves gliding through the air, and the occasional glimpse of wildlife. It is one of the best spots in Calgary for you and your family to enjoy this fall.

Driving in the Autumn Yellow Forest

Nothing can compare to a relaxing drive during the colorful fall season in the city of Calgary. Grab a pumpkin spice coffee, and hop in the vehicle, you will be amazed at the splendid foliage that is bursting and flying at every turn in the roads.
Fall in and around Calgary isn’t all about pretty leaves, it’s also about fun and memorable experiences!

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